New Winter Learn To Swim Program.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll now be offering learn to swim lessons throughout the winter at our new pool which is heated to 31 degrees all year long.

It’s interesting to note that pool temperature is a big factor for the little ones – I suppose none of us like to be cold!  The hardiest of us will remember learning to swim at our local public pool and there certainly wasn’t pool heating on offer when I learnt to swim.  The reality though is that kids have to want to be there and if it’s not fun, they’re not learning much.  It’s not much fun for the coaches then either!

So no more excuses now.  For our kids learning to swim or developing their freestyle & backstroke, there’s no need to wait until summer returns.  The same goes for the parents.  There’s no need to sit out in the cold either.  We have a nice warm, comfortable couch for you and even a cup of coffee on offer.